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All designs and photography © Saint De La Mare Limited 

Eynsford, Kent

This garden was crying our for a complete transformation. We designed this garden for a lovely lady who wanted a space where she could garden easily and have different areas to sit and enjoy the views.

We removed all the large overgrown Leylandii and laurel shrubs along the steep back border, which revealed a much larger garden. Three different levels were introduced to make the journey through the garden easier and the new planting areas could now be accessed for maintenance.

To help with the problem of the steepness of the back garden, Gabion walls were constructed to help retain the soil. They also provided good habitat for the local wildlife, which was one of the key requests in our brief.

Low maintenance planting was introduced, including a weeping cherry and an ornamental elderflower to give height within the garden. An arch was erected enabling a lovely Banksiae lutea rose to be planted.

This garden will only get better over time as the planting matures.





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