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Beckenham, Kent

This front garden was in the process of having a large paved drive laid and our clients called us in to help them with the decision for the final layout. They were keen to have enough space for their cars to drive in and out and also be able to park comfortably.  


As there was a vast expanse of paving, we felt it was important to soften the hard landscaping with planting, rather than lawn as originally requested. Our clients were happy with this, so we designed an oval-shaped centre piece with a path running from the front gate through the middle. Either side of the path, we planted a mix of shrubs, grasses and perennials, providing interest through the year. We also had nice size borders to plant along each boundary too.  


We also wanted to include scented plants as this is an important element to include in the planting, especially as you enter the house. Chosen plants provided scent for our clients at certain times of the year.

All designs and photography © Saint De La Mare Limited 

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