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Leigh, Kent

Our client's garden had a compulsive purchase order placed upon it to reduce the size by about a third.  This was due to safety concerns for a new adjourning road layout at the end of their property.


Consequently, they were keen to re-build their garden, but to try to recapture the spirit of their old garden, which they had loved. 


We had to deal with a tricky site that was now smaller and had less privacy than before.  On this occasion, we provided our client with three garden design options; each visually different, but all fully utilising the space. 


The chosen option was based on the circular lawns, which we tweeked along the way as the landscaping progressed working with our clients. We incorporated trees within the design suitable for a small garden that would provide a screen, but also colour and interest to divert their eye back down into the garden.  Colourful and exciting planting consisted of shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses and climbers to provide interest all year round.

All designs and photography © Saint De La Mare Limited 

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