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All designs and photography © Saint De La Mare Limited 

Cudham, Kent

We have been working with our clients on this property since 2016. The landscaping for this huge project was always going to be completed in stages.


Once the new house had been constructed, we began preparing the ground for Phase I.  The area immediately at the back of the property was constructed, including the installation of a large rock for a water feature. Generous paths were laid to provide good access from various points within the garden to enable easy maintenance for each planting area. Much of the ground was compacted, so we dealt with each area to ensure there was a good planting base.

Two planting areas on the other side of the property were cleared and fully prepared for planting in the summer of 2019.  Three silver birches were planted, with a simple pallet of white hydrangeas, Nepeta, grasses, Erigeron and Verbena.

Once the land towards the fields had been levelled, the construction of a large pond went ahead.  Our clients were very keen to have a wildlife friendly pond that they could see from their house.  We will introduce a good selection of aquatic plants later this spring.  


Phase II will continue in 2020. 








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