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Lesley and Deborah came for an initial assessment with an open mind, listened to what we wanted, measured up, took soil samples and went away to plan. The resulting plan was not what we expected - modern,structured but free flowing, with a significant water feature and three birch trees to shield a neighbouring newly built eyesore. Over the period of the build, which was unsurprisingly long due to the amount of hard landscaping we wanted, the design matured, taking into account how we were going to use the space, and eventually became all encompassing with the design elements wrapping completely around the house, but with the flexibility to include some of the original elements that we wished to retain.


The final parts were complete at the end of 2013, with the planting more or less complete and the new much smaller lawn being laid. As of May 2014 the garden has grown beyond expectations, probably due to the amount of organic matter incorporated during the build, such that we can start to see the waves of colour appearing. The grasses have recovered from the wet winter, the grass is well established and the trees are well set.


We are enormously pleased: the garden is a place to go to, with new things happening all the time and new colours appearing, it really is a joy.


We can honestly say we have spent more time outside enjoying the garden in the last month more than in any of the

previous 29 years in this house, and the reason was Lesley and Deborah - we can't thank them enough."


Mayassa Reip

May 2014

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